Talking to MVPs & Customers at MMS 2012– Kathleen Wilson

mms2012This year I get the opportunity to connect with the sizeable contingent of customers, Partners and Microsoft Valued Professionals (MVPs) attending the Microsoft Management Summit 2012 (MMS 2012) in Las Vegas April 16-20. Each of the individuals I spoke to were very excited about what they will see and hear about Microsoft’s Private Cloud Platform, System Center 2012, as well as upcoming technologies like Windows Server “8” Beta.

Kathleen Wilson is a colleague at Microsoft Canada who has worked with customers that have taken part in the early adoption programs for System Center 2012 and our Private Cloud technologies.  She is attending MMS 2012 and delivering sessions with customers on their experience being some of the first in the country to implement System Center 2012 in their organizations.  Here is what she had to say about how her customers’ have benefitted by adopting the latest technologies.

Kathleen Wilson talks about Early Adopters of System Center 2012

Later on this week, I will get a chance to talk to one of those early adopter customers–Manulife Financial–and share their story with you.  Stay tuned for that on Thursday or Friday.


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  1. Marion Wilson says:

    That's my little girl up there. Happy Birthday Kathleen.

  2. DamirB says:

    She did great!  Happy Birthday!

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