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As you may or may not know – I participate in the LinkedIn group called Canadian IT Folks – thought the name was a good fit for this series – one thing lead to another and bang – here ya go. Continuing in the series of Canadian IT Folks, I’d like to introduce you to my next Guest Blog post subject.  Who`s the subject matter expert? Dave Kawula from Tricon Technical Services in Calgary, Alberta. He and I collaborated on a screencast series called Demystifying the Microsoft Virtualization Stack earlier this year and it’s going to be posted this week here on the Canadian IT Pro Blog.  Dave also helped me out immensely being the main anchor for the Virtualization content area by shouldering the load of 3 sessions on Hyper-V, VMware and Virtualization Performance tuning. These will be available online at in the not too distant future.

 Here’s Dave’s Bio and Post.


Dave Kawula is the CEO and Chief Architect of TriCon Technical Services Inc. based in Calgary.  Since 2004, Dave has been working with Microsoft’s internal technical SMSGR and GTR departments to create internal Microsoft training materials.  To date he has helped author over 40 courses for Microsoft.  Though Dave’s extensive virtualization expertise, TriCon has launched itself into the Hosted Solutions space with its TriCONNECT offering which features products such as Hosted Exchange, Virtual Desktops and Virtual Services On-Demand.

Dave recently took on the role of Datacenter Virtual Technology Specialist at Microsoft – a recognition that he’s knows his stuff on all things virtual and helps out customers and partners where possible!

You can follow Dave on twitter at @DaveKawula

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Hello Hyper-V and System Center faithful. One of the jobs I took on over the summer was to do a screencast series on the Microsoft Virtualization Stack and how it compares to VMware. I am now done 4 parts of my Screen Cast Series.

In the first Video you will get a great overview on how to start your Hyper-V Virtualization Project Properly. It’s all about the planning.

Get your Trial Software to try this out yourself from

Check out for free training on HyperV for VMware Administrators (among other things).

Finally - Check out the video below…

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