TechDays day 2–all the EXTRA STUFF

One of the things that goes on while we’re in town for TechDays are “extra” events that are generally open for all to attend free of charge. I mean we have all these speakers from all sorts of backgrounds, passions and technology expertise focus areas – why not “share the love” with local community events.

Cloud Camps are usually the day before – great format – something we started last year and continued this year.


Make Web Not War event is the evening of the first day – lots of local stories from the community and cool stuff going on in the startup world.


During breakfasts and lunches – we partnered with Can WIT – Women In Technology to have roundtables and conversations.  You never know who might show up – including MaryJo Foley.


We kicked off our west coast swing of a new format for IT / Infrastructure professionals modeled off of the *Camp format. IT Camp was well attended and had plenty of demos and fun stuff going on – including me trying to co-build a cluster from scratch in 15 minutes.


It can make your days a little long – being at the venue from 7 am until 9 or so at night – but honestly – these extra events are the ones I find myself having a lot of fun both Attending AND helping organize/put on.


The Cluster was eventually completed – but it took a little longer then expected.

All these events / activities are going on in Montreal – sign up and register – they are free to attend.


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  1. Pierre Roman says:

    Rick wants YOU!  for the IT pro army.   lol

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