TechDays Vancouver T-1–Setup Day

The event known as TechDays takes quite a bit of pre-planning and setup in order to pull off successfully. A good chunk of the team come in early in order to ensure things go smoothly. I snapped a quick shot of my carryon gear in a previous post – I thought I’d carry on with some more setup day stories and photos to fill in some more background info.

DSC_0036 (640x425)DSC_0037 (640x425)

Damir and I ended up arriving close to the same flight on Sunday evening. I was enjoying my Starbucks Vanilla Late as I snapped this photo of Damir waiting for his luggage. He wasn’t impressed as he had to reshuffle machines and hardware between all the bags in order to get them under the weight limit – one of the perils of traveling with hardware.

The next day at the venue for the all hands call – I noticed Frederic Harpers cool Camera sling that he has for his Nikon Rig. I have to get me one of these as a much better replacement to the stock strap that comes with our Nikon Gear. You’ll notice most of us with Nikon cameras throughout the two day event and snapping shots to upload to Flickr. If you want to join in – we have an open group called TechDays Canada – just join the group and tag your photos with TechDays_CA

DSC_0040 (425x640)DSC_0052 (425x640)

Setup is done by a variety of people, vendors and team mates on the Evangelism team. You can see some of the laid out booth plans for the Microsoft Partner Showcase. If you are into some hands on – two of the partners have larger booths this time around – Dell and Samsung stuff was being unpacked when I was walking around.

DSC_0057 (425x640)DSC_0054 (425x640)DSC_0058 (640x425)

Last but not least – it’s the People Power that get this event up and off the ground.  The people that run Registration and staff the doors and areas wearing blue scarves are here to help get you going in the right direction. They were getting their orientation earlier today and the walkabout.

DSC_0064 (640x425)

And Our Team – yup – we’re ensuring systems are in their places and things are A-OK for tomorrow. PowerPoint Machines, demo showcase and more – lots of hardware that we dive into to ensure things are working. It’s an adjustment to keep a handle on everything – we’re all up for the task…

DSC_0046 (640x425)

Some might take some more time then others.

DSC_0050 (640x425)

Give @tommyLee a big Canadian “How’s she goin’ eh?” when you see him - it’s his FIRST TechDays.

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