TechDays Vancouver, T-2 to Go Time.

As I was packing up this afternoon – I decided to snap a photo of what was mostly going into my Carry On Bag. Have a look – can you identify everything that an Evangelist brings along with him on a trip out to Vancouver TechDays and a User group in Saskatoon?


  • Dell XT2 tablet – my corporate machine
  • XT2-XFR Tablet – Same spec as corporate machine, but ruggedized (because sometimes I need some extra help). This is backup system for the HP as my 2 node cluster demo box.
  • Polycom CX100 USB SpeakerPhone – still have concalls to make and attend while on the road.
  • Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones. I spoiled myself for a birthday once. Unbelievable headphones for travel with active noise cancelation.
  • M-Audio MicroTrack II Podcast recorder – Always carry it! never know when you want to record a podcast on the road.
  • Microsoft BlueTracker mouse – need a blue tracker to work on desk surfaces that are glass (like most hotel desks).
  • Gears Of War III – hey – I gotta have fun in the xBox area in the Microsoft Showcase after setup is complete, right?
  • Eye-Fi 8Gb SD card – New thing I picked up to help speed up the process of transferring and uploading photos to the Flickr TechDays_ca photo pool.
  • Charger for Li Battery for the Nikon D90 workhorse camera.
  • Nikon D90 with “the bazooka” lens. (70-200 F2.8) Absolutely the Killer lens for this camera for “no flash” indoor candid conference shots. Nikon Canada was nice enough to loan the team this kit – it works GREAT! Come see me to check it out.
  • Dell Precision M6500 a.k.a. Dellasaurus. My main bread and butter demo system that is node 1 in my 2 node cluster for Hyper V. Quad core CPU, 16 GB ram, dual HD – one 7200RPM HD, other 250GB SSD. wicked system and I love the colour.
  • Domo “stuffy” that my daughters gave me. He’s the Geek version with glasses and bow tie.
  • CradlePoint portable hotspot. Love it for impromptu internet HotSpot via cable plug in OR USB based internet stick.
  • Bell internet stick – for the aforementioned Cradlepoint hotspot OR going solo on my laptop.
  • Samsung Focus – my Smartphone of choice – running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) of course. sick phone
  • WD USB 3.0 500 GB drive. Backup of all the VMs I use on my 2 node cluster demo hardware.
  • HP EliteBook laptop – Node 2 of the two node Cluster.
  • Belkin USB powered 2 node KVM switch. Godsend for presentations on the go – awesome and simple for switching between two systems.

Monday is setup day and logistics as well as Cloud Camp.


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  1. Keith Combs says:

    Might want to look into a point and shoot. I carry the Canon G11.  See…/powershot_g12 for the new and improved version.

    No sense in carrying a bazooka when a shorty will do. Kinda like the difference in the M4 and a M16.

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