Continuing your Journey of learning after TechDays 2011

rclaus4-640x480Welcome to your one stop shop for links to all the online resources and references from a TechDays 2011 event.  By now – you have been back to work, eager to apply / learn more about the things you saw while attending TechDays. But you still have to wait a little longer to get access to the PowerPoints and recorded Videos from Toronto or Montreal – they will be up by the end of November / early December as part of our year long / ongoing TechDays Online experience.

So now what?

I asked members of the team to compile a master list for their “content area” and sift through the best stuff in order to write a blog post about where they would send you for more! They have completed their work and I’ve compiled a master list from THEIR master lists so you now have a one stop shop to continue your learnings.

Look no further – Here are the blog posts for each of the content areas – each done in the style of the team member who created them.

But it doesn’t stop there – join in on the conversation online in the medium of your choice. Make sure to check out the TechDays LinkedIn group, TechDays Facebook page, and/or the TechDays Twitter feed.

We’ve got your medium covered.


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  1. Ron says:

    Rick,I'm glad that TechDays 2011 is a success, there is some of us who couldn't attend as the event was not offered in Alberta, the question is will be still have access to the online content?