TechDays 2011 Virtualization Content Area Resources

So you attended TechDays in one of the cities OR you have teleported back from the future where TechDays Online has referred you back to some additional resources for anything and everything to do with the Virtualization Content Area sessions.  This is the one stop shop for all things virtualization resources wise for you to peruse and enjoy.

First off – SIGN UP for Microsoft Virtual Academy at .  It’s your one stop shop for short snippets of online modules that are organized into tracks / online courses.  We’re talking 20 minute chunks of courses that have skill testing questions (for bragging rights) to validate you’re on the right track and know your stuff.  If you haven’t checked it out yet – GO DO IT NOW.

Secondly – GET THE SOFTWARE. What are you waiting for? go to to get the bits and start working with these products in your lab environment today!  Direct links:

Session specific resources of interested – not already mentioned above:

VIR213 - Breaking the Virtualization Limits

VIR316 - Building your VDI Infrastructure with XenDesktop and Hyper-V


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