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Businessman looking over his glasses with clipboard on hand - from sideTwice a year, every autumn and spring, we send out a survey called the Global Relationship Study to a number of IT Professionals across Canada. We use the feedback from this survey to make changes and adjustments within the company and how we engage with you – our customer, our audience, our reason for being. We take the results of this feedback quite seriously, so it’s a great way for your to get your voice heard. If we’re doing great, then please – feel free to give us kudos! If there are areas for improvement, then please point them out so we can respond.

If you get an email from "Microsoft Feedback” with the subject line “Help Microsoft Focus on Customers and Partners” from now until October 21st – it’s not a hoax or phishing email! Please open it and take a few minutes to tell us what you think.

In addition to the survey email. you can also give us feedback at anytime by emailing me or the team directly through the Microsoft Canada IT Pro Feedback email address or by simply leaving a comment on this blog.

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