Windows 8 client – Hyper-V Virtualization now included

It came out yesterday – a blog post that gave the world a smidge of information about Windows 8 Client having a full and robust implementation of Hyper-V included in certain builds/sku.


All I can say is FINALLY! a world class Hypervisor and virtualization solution built into the OS for IT Professionals and Developers to use. I’ve been scratching away and digging at any resource for more information on the Server side of the house – but I was pleasantly surprized when this whole blog post came out regarding it’s implementation in Client.

Check out the blog post here.. It includes a very simple video regarding how to set it up and create a VM from within a client.  If you are well versed in Hyper-V – nothing new to see here – very simple.

What’s next? Wait-And-See. For all things Windows 8 related – check out the Building Windows 8 blog.

What are you doing on September 13th? I’ll be propped up by the computer, watching whatever live stream information I can find that is relevant to IT Pros. I’ll report / blog / tweet throughout the day. Stay tuned to THIS blog for infrastructure geek type information from next weeks BUILD conference.

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