T-2 TechEd 2011 in Atlanta – A Cannuck view


(Might look a little blurry, since I had not had my Starbucks or Timmies as of yet)

65I’ve made the trek to TechEd 2011 in Atlanta Georgia VERY early this morning. The Team is heading down to gather up content to use as a seed for content to be repurpose back on Canadian soil in the form of TechDays sometime in the Fall. We’re helped by a number of friends and contacts who we use as “advisors” to scout out what’s good, what’s relevant to the Canadian environment and also what’s on everyone’s mind with regards to technology coming down the pipe or what they currently use in their workplace. As you can see from the clock in the corner – I had a REALLY early flight to Toronto before connecting to Atlanta. Our plan is to have a list of proposed topics that YOU can voice your opinion on what should make an appearance at TechDays – more on that later.

Besides attending sessions – I also have a couple of other roles to play. I’ll be connecting with fellow Cannucks that are down here for TechEd as well – spread the good cheer and make new networking connections with them. I usually walk around with a big Canadian flag attached to my backpack – but this time it was confiscated by security at the airport because I forgot to put it in my CHECKED luggage instead of my carryon (it was early – ok?). Don’t worry – it wasn’t the flag that was confiscated, only the collapsible flagpole/tent pole I used. I will also be helping out the folks at http://edge.technet.com with some interviews and social media stuff throughout the week – always fun!

oh yeah – and I will be presenting a new session as a follow up to my WSV330 – Turbo Charge your Active Directory presentation last year.  It’s called “Get Out Of Dodge: Upgrading to x64” (WSV310) and addresses the issues that people asked me about after they completed their AD migration. It’s a demo heavy session that handles both native tools and powershell cmdlets methods of migrating File/Print, DHCP, Certificate Services and more.


My hotel infrastructure is setup. My Travel technology is recharging. I’ve reviewed and built my schedule at TechEd for what content I’m interested in seeing. I’m all set to go! I’ll do my best to keep up with posts throughout the week for ya here on the blog.

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