Rogers Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Focus) Update is live


I saw a tweet, plugged in my Samsung Focus on the Rogers network and look what popped up?




I hit the update Now button and then it started (12:37)


some more checks and then this… (12:39)


quickly followed by a backup procedure and cute image



Update in progress (12:51)


restart of phone (1:01)


Update complete! (1:02)




Comments (7)

  1. James is (hopefully) no April fool says:

    Hey Rickster.  Where are you located.  I'm in Ontario and no update available yet.  Hoping this is not an April fools?

  2. Doesn't Work Take it off The Network says:

    I have a Samsung Focus….Fails! With error 80180048  I've followed all the steps on the Windows phone update solution wizard….No help whatsoever.  Not even a description of what the error code.   What is the error message?   Step by step start zune….unlock phone….choose settings–>update.   Follow instructions….back up finishes 100%…phone reboots….unlock phone Error message almost immediately.

    I've tried updating from 2 computers…. Windows XP SP 3 and windows 7 I'm about to try vista but I suspect the same result.  Rogers is my mobile operator, zune says my software is up to date.

  3. Al says:

    how did u get to that page?

  4. Apparently the Rollout is in phases. if you get notified on phone directly – use zune software to get it. I plugged my phone in to computer to charge it when I saw the original tweet and it happened to be part of the first batches that got the update.

  5. Kevin says:

    Bell went live with the update too March 30th.

  6. Chris Dufour says:

    I won't be getting an update for my Samsung Taylor phone:( Accordig to Microsoft the Samsung Taylor was intended for pre-production use only and there are no plans to provide updates for this phone.

  7. Ed says:

    Wow. 5.5gb on the phone used up already. Doesn't leave much after….

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