A follow up to IE9–the IEAK is now live


As a follow up to my IE9 Release To Web post on Tuesday, I just got word that the Internet Explorer Administration Kit for IE9 is now available for download!

Here’s the direct link.


In case you don’t know what IEAK is – it’s the most efficient way to deploy IE9 in your organization and manage web based solutions. It’s Free (as in beer) and it allows you to cut a custom implementation package of IE for deployment within your organization. You have to install IE9 first, but once you’re done that piece, download and install the IEAK to start your packaging. THe IEAK allows you to

  • Establish version control across your organization.
  • Centrally distribute and manage browser installations.
  • Configure automatic connection profiles for users' machines.
  • Customize virtually any aspect of Internet Explorer, including features, security, communications settings, and other important elements.

Check out additional resources on the IE9 Springboard site – resources for IT Professionals.

Happy Management and Packaging!

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