Virtualization Certification–with benefits

Roadside assistance on the path to Virtualization

I am a big advocate of certification – putting your money where your mouth is – and have been for years. Heck, my first certification exam was “windows 3.11 and dos 6.22 for support professionals”. I’m not joking – it was my first cert and first course I took what seems like EONS ago. When I saw this announcement come in – I had to quickly blog about it.

From now until June 30th 2011 - if you pre-register your intent, book and pass one of the 4 certification exams related to virtualization, you qualify for a free one year TechNet Plus subscription!

Have a look at the exam outlines and figure out if it’s right for you. This is a great opportunity to get some certification muscle to back up your technical know how. If you take and pass either 70-659, 70-669 or 70-652 – you get yourself a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist designation.  If you take 70-669 AND 70-693 along with either 70-659 or 70-652 – you are awarded a Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator.

Do you have what it takes? Want some certification cred to go along with your street smarts? Here’s the website with the details on the offer. Hurry – the TechNet Plus subscription is limited to the first 1000 registrants.

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