IPocalypse Now


Some time this week the last of the public IPv4 addresses will be distributed.  You read that right, no more public IPv4 addresses.  If you’ve been following along this might not be a surprise but if you’ve been buried under a pile of projects the last year or two you might have missed this.  Regardless now more than ever IPv6 is going to make inroads and soon you’ll be asked about it.  Don’t worry there are some great resources.

Over on Thelazyadmin.com I wrote a 4 part primer on IPv6 and there will be more coming soon.

Of course Microsoft has a great technical library over on TechNet that includes an in depth section on IPv6.  And there are more resources coming along everyday.  Regardless of which resource you decide on IPv6 just parked its car in your driveway and is making its way to your front door.  Are you ready for it?

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