SharePoint your thing? SharePoint Summit 2011 – Jan 31–Feb 2nd.


If SharePoint is your thing – you gotta be at the SharePoint Summit 2011 running January 31st to Feb 2nd in Toronto (La version français en Québec le 11 et 12 avril).  It’s THE GO TO EVENT with regards to access to SharePoint experts, Partners and all things SharePoint in general here in Canada. A little full disclosure – it is a paid for event and Microsoft Canada is a Sponsor of the event. 

I say it’s THE GO TO EVENT for SharePoint aficionados mainly for the opportunity to have some very valuable DEPTH exposure to the product and SharePoint experts.  It’s an interesting conference with multiple formats for delivery of similar topics – one with more depth and hands on (called workshops) the other with traditional presentation sessions. To support this - there are two price points in order to attend – one with workshop access for ($1795) and one without ($1395). Workshop format has 3 hr sessions that are instructor-led with group based exercises on various topics.  The general presentation sessions are 75 minutes long with presentations and demonstrations, no opportunity to have group based exercises.

One thing that is of particular interest is a competition they are running at the Toronto event called “Iron SharePoint”. As you can tell from the name – it’s a take off on the reality TV series for chefs, but in this one – one of three competing teams will have exactly two days to design the ultimate SharePoint solution. Looks like a very cool addition to an already really neat conference.

Hope to see you there!

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