Are you supporting Dev projects? Jump In to the WebMatrix later today.

WebMatrix1Yesterday I called out a video explaining something called WebPI yesterday and introduced you to Lucas. The goal behind that solution is mostly for the IT Professional that has to setup and deploy WebApps with all dependencies included. Works great if you are already in the know for how to setup Microsoft Servers and IIS.

But what about people who are not used to using or setting up the Microsoft Stack? People who are more comfortable firing up a LAMP stack preconfigured with web server and web apps / Dev environment?

We’ve got some cool stuff going on later today to help out that area. If you’re new to supporting development projects or if you need something quick and fast for a development stack – you should check this Live Stream out today at 12:30 EST. At the CodeMash conference, we’ll be talking about WebMatrix. It’s an open source, all-in-one package that gives you what you need to get started building web sites and applications using Windows, including:

  • A development web server – IIS Express, a development version of our full-fledged web server, IIS
  • A web development framework – ASP.NET
  • A database – SQL Server Compact, a development version of SQL Server, which powers a lot of businesses
  • Development tools – An editor that makes it easy to build sites and that makes it easy to move your project to the full-fledged Visual Studio when it’s time
  • Built-in web apps – Makes it easy to add web applications like WordPress, DotNetNuke and Joomla! to your site
  • SEO tools – A built-in SEO reporter helps you make your site more indexable by search engines
  • Site publishing tools – Support for FTP, SFTP and WebDeploy to move your site from your development machine to the real thing

Want to find out more about WebMatrix? Watch the online stream of our Enter the WebMatrix presentation at the CodeMash conference today at 12:30 p.m. EST (9:30 a.m. Pacific) and see it in action.

Comments (3)

  1. Rob Dloing says:

    I keep coming here and I keep thinking I am on the developers blog.  What happened to the IT Pros contents?  Upload an program to azure, make a program with Matrix, how about some IT Pros news?  I here a new SCCM is coming?  What about that?

  2. Hey Rob,

    I appreciate the comments and wanted to respond to this one. Yup = This is for Technical Professionals that look after infrastructure but in a lot of cases here in Canada, they're dual hatters that have to also look after Development shops in some capacity or they are even devs themselves.

    Occasionally I've been borrowing from the Developer blog for a couple of posts, but I strive to put IT Pro / Infrastructure spin on it. I'm a IT Pro for many years and open visual studio only for the occasional demo or lab manager thing.

    Besides – we're livin' in a world with cloud technologies where platform as a service stuff like Azure will absolutely impact IT Pro's lives and ways of offering services to their clients.  Web Matrix you commented on up here is defeinetely targeting the dual hatters of IT Pro guys who support developer environments or get asked to set something up. Check it out instead of a LAMP stack…

    Keep them comments comming. Oh – and if you would like to write for the blog – I am always happy to post Guest Blog Posts as they come in!


  3. Rob Dloing says:

    Thank you for your answer Rick but I amafraid you are wrong.  Most IT people in Canada do not write programs and don't really care about azure clouds.  Ask around and you will see.

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