Web Platform Installer (WEB PI) explained!

imageLet me introduce you to Lucas. He’s a Web Designer / consultant who’s setting up webservers the OLD way.

What do I mean by that?

As IT Pros/Technical folks with multiple Hats, I know that I used to get asked to setup web servers for various projects and it was a PAIN IN THE A** to figure out what dependencies and configurations / connection strings / language runtimes had to be installed to get everything to work harmoniously. A while back We created something that simplifies a whole bunch of complexities around this topic.  We called it Web PI (Web Platform Installer). The sad part is that a lot of people STILL don’t know about what the heck it is and are STILL setting up Windows based web servers the long and hard way…

It’s drop dead simple to use.

You download it. Choose the language RunTimes / Applications to install and click Finish. Get’s your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and MORE up and running on the Windows stack lickity-split!

Yup – if you get requests for some of these web applications to run within your organization and you want to simplify your overall patch management and application management by sticking with the Windows platform – this is the tool for you.

Want more information? Check out this nifty video that went up on Channel9 the other day.

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