Reminder: IE6 on XP to IE8 on Win7 Virtual Roundtable Discussion–09/30/2010


You are not alone .

There are many organizations that have to keep IE 6 kickin’ around because they have apps that were written for the browser that are still in use.  Now you want to roll out Windows 7 and get back the last 9 years of your life in computing history and join the modern desktop. Think of all the time you could save by not having to support XP in your environment anymore.

But you have one small hitch – those applications that just don’t render or work correctly unless they are viewed and used in IE 6. Kind of a catch 22, right?

You are in luck.

On Thursday September 30th at 12:00 EDT - Microsoft is hosting a Virtual Round Table discussion on Migration strategies, standards and support for organizations moving from IE6 to IE8.

Join a panel of IT Professionals, Microsoft specialists and technical experts to discuss best practices to simplify and accelerate the migration to Internet Explorer 8. Topics will include an explanation of the causes of and solutions for application compatibility issues (including policy, code, and virtualization solutions), an introduction to tools, and a review of best practices.

Ask your questions live during the event with our online tool - or submit your questions in advance to

Visit the Springboard Series “SaveTheDate” page for more information.

I’ll be there.

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