TechDays 2010 & TechNet Subscriptions – Helping You to Continue Your Learning

image TechDays 2010 is getting closer with the Vancouver conference just a few weeks away. As such the team has been working hard to make this an impactful event that will allow you to grow your skills and support you in areas important to your job and career. 

I am happy to announce that the hard work has paid off and we have been able to work with Microsoft corporate and each TechDays 2010 attendee will get a TechNet subscription!

This benefit is added to the over 50 Sessions of technical content, networking opportunities, great offers from our Partners, like Telerik, Pluralsight, Xceed, and access to 50 virtual labs to get hands-on without requiring you to provide the necessary hardware and software to support adoption. 

Now, to be clear, I did announce just a couple of weeks ago that we would not be providing TechDays 2010 attendees with TechNet subscriptions, but understanding that now, more than ever, you need all the tools in your arsenal to help you deploy Windows 7 and Office 2010, implement Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, SharePoint 2010, and other technologies, we were able to work with our colleagues at Microsoft Corporate to make a one-time exception.

Here are some details on how the TechNet subscription will work for TechDays 2010 attendees:

  • All subscriptions will be new subscriptions.  We will not be able to extend your existing subscription, if any.
  • All subscriptions will be for one year and do not include any support incidents. Subscriptions are a Special TechDays 2010 NFR edition and are not the same as you would be able to purchase directly.
  • All subscriptions provide you download-only access to over 80 software products as well as all of the TechNet virtual labs, beta products, forums, TechCenters, and other TechNet resources.  There is no option to order physical media with the Special TechDays 2010 NFR edition subscription.
  • All subscriptions will be processed about 15-20 days after you attend TechDays 2010 in the city where you are registered.  This means that if you attend TechDays 2010 in Vancouver, you will get your subscription 3-4 weeks after the Vancouver event; if you attend Toronto, it will be 3-4 weeks after the Toronto event, and so on.

Finally, there is one more thing I need to be completely clear about.  The provision of a one-year TechNet subscription to TechDays 2010 attendees is a one-time only occurrence and will not be continued in future years.  I’ll be up-front right now – we do not expect to provide TechDays 2011, and future year, attendees with TechNet subscriptions.  We are delighted that we can do it this year but want you to be aware that you should not expect to receive a TechNet subscription in 2011 and further into the future.

If you have not yet registered, please go to to get the limited-time Early Bird pricing at $349.99 + taxes, a 50% saving from the regular conference fee.  If you plan on going to TechDays Vancouver, Early Bird pricing expires on August 20th so act now!  Early Bird pricing for TechDays 2010 events in other cities expires 6 weeks before the event.

Thanks for your continued support of TechDays. We look forward to welcoming you!


Comments (12)

  1. Dennis says:

    Excellent that we get the TechNet Plus subscription. Odd that we can't extend our current subscription with it though. So if I have a current subscription that expires spring next year, I'll have an overlap of subscriptions for 6 months?? Seems like a waste, specially since I'll still have to renew my current subscription again afterwards since I'll want to keep my benefits and the support incidents.

  2. Ed says:

    On behalf of other TechDays and future TechDays attendees: "Wooo hooo!"

  3. DamirB says:


    Since these are special edition subscriptions and do not include the support calls, they require that they be processed separately, thereby not allowing us to extend existing subscriptions.  Considering two weeks ago we were not able to offer TechNet to attendees at all, I think this is a minor hiccup overall.  


  4. Callon says:

    Will we be able to renew/extend this special subscription?

  5. DamirB says:


    Once the subscriptions ends you will be able to purchase another one and probably re-use the existing subscriber ID.  At this point we don't know if renewal or new subscription pricing will apply should you want to continue your subscription after the one year period.


  6. stephen says:

    I appreciate that the event itself is great value – especially at the early bird rate – but I wonder how the event subscription level will fare once this is dropped next year? Just as an idea, might I suggest you continue to work with Corporate and suggest a way to bundle a technet subscription at an additional (but discounted) cost for Tech Days attendees? Maybe include a discount coupon for the next renewal in the welcome kit?

  7. DamirB says:


    Like I said in the post, we do not expect to provide TechDays 2011 (and future year) attendees with complimentary TechNet subscriptions.  We will look at other ways to extend the experience that you will find compelling.


  8. The sessoins are the main "gift" you get and I think people must see the value of that. When you attend TechDays, you are able to learn about new softwares and features. This gives you an edge on the competition and helps you in your work. Add to that offers from partners and you are getting a lot for your money. TechNet subscription is an extra that is appreciated but it is understandable that it migth not be possible to always offer it.

  9. mike says:

    Why does MS charge so much for their development tools when there are so many compelling and free alternatives? They should drive development by making things like VS2010 available freely. This would really help turn things around for them. It is hard for a lot of SMBs to justify spending thousands on a copy of VS2010 PLUS Windows servers etc when they can spend nothing on Linux server apps built on free Java/Eclipse or Ruby on Rails. Once the FOSS crowd, which is predominantly a younger demographic, gets promoted within enterprises to the point that they make infrastructure decisions, Windows will become even less of a player.

  10. Richard says:


    I attended last years' Toronto TechDays show and wish to ask a few questions.

    I understand that if I attend this years' show the Tech Net subscription will be basically the same as last year's bundle of software without the two free Tech Net support calls.

    And out of the software, could you please tell me if the operation systems ie. Windows 7,Vista, and the office packages would be included in the download section.

    By the time I attend this years New Show, my TechNet subscription will have expired by September 9.  So when it does expire, will the software that I have downloaded expire and will my system go down or is it good forever.

    Could you please tell me if the software that I have downloaded and have not had time to use for practice purposes on my home network also expire or is it good forever.

    So that I have this clear, the software that I have downloaded and currently  using on the test network at home will it expire when my subscription in two weeks expires or are they good forever.

    Thank you for your time.

  11. DamirB says:


    To answer your most pressing question, there is no time limit on the software and product keys provided by your TechNet subscription.  This means that the software itself will not stop working when your subscription expires.  However, you need to have a subscription in palce to  be legally entitled to continue to use the software.

    In terms of the software that the TechNet subscription provides, you can get a complete listing of the products available by downloading the Excel spreadsheet at…/TechNet_Product_List.xlsx.  The products offered by the complimentary Special Edition TechDays 2010 NFR TechNet subscription are the same as those provided in a Professional level TechNet subscription.


  12. GEnriquez says:

    Very cool it maybe my first time. My employer is a bit behind technologies but hopefully I will be able to persuade them. I'm trying to get the 2 days official days seminars. We have VB.NET apps/Mobile Apps/Sharepoint development. but when My Boss hear about "Cloud" he said WHOA….

    Now in my Case why do you think it would be necessary to attend this Session?.

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