Cloud Services and IT Professionals – the prequel

imageI’ve opened a can of worms with a post a couple of months back (ok – a LOT of months back – was it REALLY February?) about should IT Professionals care about Cloud Services yet and what type of cloud service would have a direct impact on IT Pros daily lives. That post had over 22 comments (albeit a big number from “mike”) prodding for more information about Privacy and Security (two very different things when it comes to cloud) and impact on things like Patriot act and other legislation here in Canada and around the world.

This is not “the special post on security and privacy and all that S#&t” . 

That one comes later THIS WEEK. 

Yes “mike”, it’s finally almost here - months after you brought it up. The team has been busy, we’ve been planning and I’ve been talking with people inside and outside Microsoft about privacy, legislation, regulation, patriot act, security, ISO standards and the like. I’ve even been polling people on Twitter, facebook and Linked’in asking if they could give me their thoughts on their concerns on Cloud Services.

Take a moment and fill out your response to this simple question: What concerns you about using “The Cloud” and hosted services?

imageAs for services that will impact IT Pros daily lives – have you checked out Windows InTune beta? It’s targeted at small and medium sized businesses for giving them a cloud based solution for anti-malware and antivirus, centralized reporting and control, software and hardware inventory and it’s independent of domain membership / workgroup membership / physical location. It’s in Beta now and was open (now closed) to the first 10,000 signups.  As of Yesterday (July 12th) it opened again (still open) for another 10,000 participants – I signed up and am using it on a dozen different PC’s and laptops I look after as the “friends and family” IT Consultant we all are. I’ll have a more detailed post on the overall experience and my thoughts on it – but I wanted to let you know it’s open once again for signups – go try it out! 


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