Managing PCs in the Cloud

Cloud computing has been a hot topic for a while now.  Microsoft InTune is a cloud based PC management service that is currently in beta.  It is an intriguing service for small and medium sized businesses and I found this webcast with Joseph Dadzie who is the Program Manager for Windows InTune.  Check out this webcast and learn

  • What are some of the similarities and differences between System Center and Windows Intune?
  • How high will Windows Intune scale?
  • What are the requirements and capabilities to deploy Windows Intune?
  • How do you deploy the Windows Intune client?
  • What are some of the capabilities of Windows Intune, and what about support for deployment of client software?
  • What are the details with the anti-Malware software included?
  • What “free software” comes with Windows Intune?

And then signup to find out more when the public beta is released!

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