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There are a lot of webcasts, videocasts and resources available for those planning, piloting, deploying or managing Windows 7 at the Microsoft Springboard site.  There are case studies and stories of deployment success and while still relevant they are typically based around US customers and scenarios.  But we’ve got something totally Canadian coming your way!

On May 27th 2010 we are inviting you to hear Fountain Tire’s IT Manager, Tobias Staley, speak with Travis Wizniuk, Compugen Senior Consultant, about the company’s experiences in tackling, and successfully resolving, their real-world Windows 7 deployment challenges. Join this one-hour panel discussion and get your questions answered about executing a successful Windows 7 pilot, building and managing a deployment project in your organization.  Fountain Tire is a nationally recognized tire dealer in Canada, Fountain Tire offers a wide range of car, truck, and trailer tires, as well as complete automotive services, for any make and model of vehicle. Today, it has over 150 stores spanning as far west as Victoria, British Columbia and as far east as Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  • Event Title: Windows 7 Live Talk Webcast: Deployment Tips from Early Adopters - Fountain Tire
  • Event Date: May 27, 2010
  • Event Start Time: 9:00 am Pacific
  • Event End Time: 10:00 am Pacific


Customer: Tobias Staley, IT Manager, Fountain Tire:  Mr. Staley has been with Fountain Tire for 6 years and led the team that successfully piloted and deployed Windows 7 over 50 seats and have standardized the OS for all future deployments (650 seats) across their organization.

Consultant: Travis Wizniuk, Senior Consultant, Compugen: Travis Wizniuk is a highly skilled and progressively educated Senior Network Consultant with over 10 years of experience.  Travis has acquired advanced specialized skills in systems management, which include extensive experience with the Microsoft System Center line of products as well as Microsoft’s previous generation of management products.

Host: Raymond Phillips, Deployment Lead, Windows Client, Canadian Business and Marketing Organization, Microsoft:  As the Canadian Windows Deployment lead, Mr. Phillips is responsible for Windows Client deployment and adoption for the Canadian Mid-Market and Enterprise accounts. Mr. Phillips leads the business strategies and directs elements of the marketing and relevant programs to drive Windows Client adoption and evidence through and to partners and customers.

Registration is now open for this event. For more information, please visit our registration page at:

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