Final Wrapup Video EnergizeIT–TeamEast

EnergizeIT-TeamEastWe’re back – EnergizeIT activities wrapped up last week and I finally got around to editing the final video Christian and I shot while on the road. In this one – I decided to capture what it’s like to order Tim Hortons while in Quebec as well as an impromptu wrap up commentary from John Oxley – our boss. He just happened to call while we were about 15 minutes from home to wish us well.

I can honestly say – all three teams (West, East and Rover) at a lot on our plates for covering 21 cities across Canada. Looking back on it now – I believe the team realizes that the timeframe was a little too compressed. Last year we had more time over a longer window to visit each location and make more connections. This time around we were jam packed and back to back too frequently. That being said – we went to A LOT of new cities that we’ve never been to before and hopefully managed to create some new relationships with people where we’ll be able to check back in with them going forward.

Our team is getting ready for some more planning activities coming up later this month and we’ve already started getting our thinking caps on. If we didn’t make it out your way this year – drop us a line at and maybe we can work something out for connecting later this year or next year.  If you have any suggestions on things we could do next year – let us know!


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