Microsoft TechDays 2010 – Update 1: TechDays Team

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Hi Everyone,

As we get close to opening registration for this year I wanted to take some time to update you on TechDays 2010, introduce the team and give you the opportunity to get connected.  Before I get to the update I want to take a moment to thank everyone so much for your emails, tweets and calls. I’m really excited about the buzz and interest building in TechDays….. especially on increasing the community and experience elements!  There have been some great ideas sent my way and the team I introduce below will be looking into all of them to see how we can better serve you! 

As an update, we’ve are just finishing some of the web development, testing the payment system and our launch date for registration is May 10th.  At that time we will have the tracks locked down and the speakers/extended team will be working on selecting the sessions, building content and overall experience.  We are also finishing the financial planning and will be announcing pricing early next week.

Introducing TechDays 2010 Team!

While everyone on my team and within our group at Microsoft will be helping with TechDays, to drive the improved experience, increased content and and support of the local community initiatives/activities we’ve put together a leadership team that is laying the groundwork to make this all happen.  Just to be clear this team is not only about event logistics, the team is also tasked to work with you in the cities, drive local engagement and participation to ensure we are delivering and supporting each of the local ICT ecosystems. 

So with out further ado….here is the team:


Damir Bersinic – TechDays Program & Skills Manager 

Damir is leading the overall TechDays program which relates to ensuring we are delivering the right content at the right level across the country.  Damir’s measure of success is in supporting your skills growth and helping connect you to leading technical subject matter experts at the event.  His areas of focus includes the content design, skills readiness, speaker engagement and  leading a team to support the subject matter experts, content development , session delivery and the community track.  If you are interested in speaking, have a suggestion for the community track or just want to get involved,…. Damir is the guy to connect with!


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Rick Claus – TechDays Experience & Community Manager

Rick is leading overall TechDays program which relates ensuring we are delivering the right onsite and local experience to support you to get the most from the event across the country.  Rick’s measure of success is that you enjoy your experience and are supported at the event to get the most out of the content, connections and activities.  He will be driving this experience by working with each city's key and community leaders/individuals to drive community and initiative engagement in support of the local ICT ecosystem.  If you want to help support our efforts to increase integration with the local community, know of a local activity group or event that can take advantage of the space in the evening or just want to help increase the TechDays experience please reach out to Rick!

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Dottie Yeates – TechDays Marketing Strategist and Communication Manager

Dottie is leading the TechDays program by bringing it all together.  She is responsible for overall planning, marketing, communication and public relations. Dottie's measure of success is making the event happen in a manner that you are very satisfied and want to attend next year.  She does this by connecting the various teams, activities and initiatives across Microsoft as well as each of the local city ecosystem to bring all that we know….into the TechDays program.  If you want to hear more about TechDays, get connected to our program or are interested in promotional or media activities…  Dottie is the person to talk to!

I’m really jazzed by the team we have this year and excited about how we can increase our support of Developers and IT professionals across Canada.  Driving a technology conference that crosses such a huge country like ours is a big task and while I know that this team is up for that challenge, without your support it just couldn’t happen.  We have taken some major steps to improve our plan for TechDays 2010 and with your help we will continue to make it better.  This is a really exciting time as this is the first time we have been able to deliver such an event for three years running!  This year marks our first steps to make it more inclusive and I know with your help we can learn and grow to make it better for the years ahead!

In my role as the Executive Sponsor for TechDays Canada, I want to hear from you to ensure that we are doing it right and improving.  As well, if you are an IT Manager, Dev manager  or CIO, I would love to hear how we are or how we could better support your organizations skills growth with TechDays!  Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me directly at 

Thanks again for your support and I’m really looking forward to seeing and meeting you in person at the event.   Please feel free to connect with the indivuals at the As always you can reach Damir and the entire TechDays team at Likewise you can be part of the online conversation on twitter by following @techdays_ca or using the hashtag #techdays_ca in your TechDays conversations!

All the best,


John Oxley

Director Technical Evangelism

Microsoft Canada | Direct (905) 363- 8589|Messenger | Twitter:joxley

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