On The Road – EnergizeIT – Quebec Edition – Part 5

Centre-Naturalistsubtitle: Monster of all shapes and sizes.

Wrapping up this road trip from Ottawa to Quebec City involves a mix of strange companions: Nudist Camps, Monster Trucks, Dinosaurs and a little weather control.

I have to mention the Nudist camps along the route – just because there are at least three of them between Ottawa and Quebec city.  Why such a concentration is anyone’s guess. I can’t help but think of Joey making some kind of “crack” about them, the outdoor climate or the politically correct government sanctioned road sign (yes – it’s their behinds you can see).  For myself – never been there, can’t see me visiting one of them anytime soon.

As for the Monster Trucks and Dinosaurs – driving along the 20 East – you can see this restaurant called The Madrid – in the shape of a castle.  It’s on the westbound lanes side of the highway and it has quite an array of objects outside in the parking lot. It’s one of those curiosities that you should take the time to pull over and investigate. It just happened to be perfect timing as we needed a leg stretch after having the TimHorton’s coffee.

As for weather control? Freaky clouds as we approached Quebec City – there was literally an opening between two sections of this one big rainstorm cloud. The Highway was threaded between the two areas of rain – rather cool weather effect.

We’re off to CEGEP Francois Xavier Garneau to talk with students in the AM about careers and the ICT ecosystem.

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