On The Road – EnergizeIT – Quebec Edition – Part 4



subtitle: Donuts and coffee secrets


What’s a road trip without coffee and donuts? it’s unheard of. While on the road out east – we tried to share the secret of keeping your coffee in your cup instead of being spilt on your lap while trying to drink it in a moving car. Since the roads in Montreal / highway 20 were in the state they were in – I figured it was time for a second attempt. I requested a pit stop to pick up the necessary supplies and was pleasantly surprised by a specialty donut. You have to love the spirit of support fans of the Habs. I wasn’t going to get a donut – but I decided it needed to be done. Christian was not up for eating one – so I took it for the team.


As for coffee secrets – I recorded a second attempt at getting the proper lid design in place to prevent you from “clausing” yourself with hot coffee while driving. This time around – I was in the passenger seat.

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