On The Road – EnergizeIT Quebec edition Part 3

subtitle: Childhood memories of Roadtrips


Do you do roadtrips now with family / kids / friends? I remember a number of trips that I took as a kid in my parents yellow volvo station wagon. It’s funny how visual images bring back memories so clearly. I feel like I am going back in time when I drive on the 20 around Montreal.  That and the damn confusing road signs…

The vehicles have changed, but the road conditions and architecture has not.


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  1. Edward_b says:

    Ever seen the map of the major highways around Montreal? Yikes! The 15 is probable the worse one of them all with the 20 coming in at #2. Only logical one is the 13 but even that isn’t true as it stops above Laval but continues in the Gatineau area!

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