Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions

The R2’s are out the door with the release of Hyper-V R2, SCVMM R2 and MDOP R2.  As with the new release of any technology you are probably wondering how it works, how to use it and how it is going to make your life easier.  Well I am happy to share that my friend Mitch Tulloch and the team at MSPress have been working hard and have written a FREE e-book covering everything from server to local and remote desktop virtualization, virtualization management and what the cloud brings to the table.  It is a great read an I highly suggest you download a copy.  It’s free, it’s 15MB and you can get it in XPS of PDF formats!

Also be sure to check out Mitch’s site with free e-books on other topics and the unofficial Windows 7 Resource Kit support site.


Download XPS Version

Download PDF Version

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