Ignite Your Career – 2009 – E4 – Developing your Leadership Qualities

The Ignite Your Career webcast series was created as a result of your feedback that technical professionals needed help to develop those critical personal and professional skills that Technical Professionals so often neglect.  We partnered with IT World Canada and the Canadian Information Processing Society – in order to bring industry experts and thought leaders together for a radio talk show chat where we discussed various topics and answered your questions

This special highlights edition of the Canadian Ignite Your Career webcast series takes the best ideas and soundbites from the previously recorded episodes.  I’m joined by my co-host Shane Schick - editor in chief of IT World Canada – to help with the production

This session will focus on what a panel of Leaders/Managers has done in order to further their development of leader qualities. Whether you are part of a team, in charge of one already or aspiring to become a leader - you need to know how to develop your leadership skills. For some people, being a leader comes intuitively, for others it is something that requires both self awareness and leading by example. 

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Panel Members

  • Rob Howard:An expert in planning and growing Web communities, Mr. Howard is a pioneer in developing enterprise collaboration software. Whether it’s working with organizations such as Dell to plan and implement their single-vendor platform strategy or working with large social community customers such as MySpace.com or Microsoft, Mr. Howard is determined to help organizations of any size apply the value of collaborative work to their business.

  • Pedro Cardoso: Director of IT and e-business at Becton, Dickinson and Co. (BD-Canada), a medical devices company, where he also oversees application development. His areas of expertise include ERP, Business Process Engineering, Business Intelligence, Social Networking, SEO and Continuous Improvement (Lean & Transactional Six Sigma).

  • John Oxley: the Director of community evangelism, John manages a team of community advisors that reach out and connect with the IT community. The Team is all about community satisfaction and enabling the individual professional. His team of Advisors are Microsoft Canada ambassadors to the IT community, connecting, supporting and enabling the individual IT professional (IT Pros), Developer, User experience designer, Community Leaders, and technical enthusiast.

  • Cathy Shaughnessy: a Certified Executive Coach with Perspective In Action, has been working with people as they boost their performance in the workplace for almost 25 years. She has managed and coordinated corporate learning projects and established an outstanding track record of success as a sought after executive coach, speaker, training consultant and learning design specialist.

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