Ignite Your Career – 2009 – E2 -Internal vs External training

The Ignite Your Career webcast series was created as a result of your feedback that technical professionals needed help to develop those critical personal and professional skills that Technical Professionals so often neglect.  We partnered with IT World Canada and the Canadian Information Processing Society – in order to bring industry experts and thought leaders together for a radio talk show chat where we discussed various topics and answered your questions

This special highlights edition of the Canadian Ignite Your Career webcast series takes the best ideas and soundbites from the previously recorded episodes.  I’m joined by my co-host Shane Schick - editor in chief of IT World Canada – to help with the production

In this episode, we discuss maintaining your technical and personal skill sets and how they are critical to being successful in the job you already have and anything you might be looking to progress into. Unfortunately, the option of external training might not be available to you at this point in time. How can you take advantage of internal resources like job shadowing, mentoring, internal courses, study groups as well as external training activities when available? This episode is for you.

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Panel Members

  • Barry Gervin: Founding Partner of ObjectSharp. Barry provides technical leadership to his valued clients, staff, and the development community. Over his 17 year career in the IT industry, he has helped many development teams architect and successfully deliver large software projects within tight schedules and budgets that consistently perform for their end users.

  • Brian Bourne: Industry expert with over 15 years of IT experience; he is responsible for managing all day to day operations at CMS Consulting Inc. and maintains his technical edge through consulting and participation with numerous technology related events.

  • Maurizio Laudisa: CIO of LifeLabs, where he rebuilt a national $14 million, 60 staff IT department in 6 months after sale of MDS Diagnostic to OMERS/Borealis. He has led or participated in several health IT initiatives, such as the Ontario Lab Information System (OLIS), Colon Cancer Check, integration to physicians’ CMS and EMR.

  • Aaron Skonnard: Co-founder of Pluralsight where he focuses on cloud computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA), XML and Web services technologies. He focuses primarily on the Microsoft platform and is considered an expert in the Microsoft community on Windows Azure, the Azure Services Platform, Windows Communication Foundation, BizTalk Server, SOAP/REST, and XML technologies.

More information and resources related to the Ignite Your Career series can be found on it's main landing page.

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Comments, Suggestions and Ideas for Future Topics can be left below as a comment or emailed directly to the Ignite Your Career feedback alias atmailto:IYC@microsoft.com

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