Microsoft Techdays Toronto 2009 WRAPS UP!


And so it came to happen.   An event that was born from brilliance came to life.  Techdays.  A conference for Canadians, By Canadians, done ACROSS Canada to bring technology and training to those who needed it most.  It was only last year I remember waking up a 4:00am for the First Techdays held in Toronto.  Excited!  Ready to launch into the great pools of knowledge.  I and so MANY others.  And this year it continued.  And after an amazing 48 hours, concluded.


So Toronto wrapped up with an absolutely amazing turnout!  Over 1200+ people, from all walks of life, depths of technology and influences, CONVERGED into the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

1200 minds walked in that day and after 48 HOURS engorged themselves in various aspects of technology.



Whether they checked into the various booths downstairs, got some hands on with Multi Touch technology in Windows 7, barraged the various Experts and Speakers floating about the convention which challenging questions, or just plain and simply linked up with others.


It can be said, without question, that Techdays Toronto was an absolute raging success.

Microsoft brought together this in particular Techdays in Toronto some of the most passionate and creative people to make it such a huge smash event.   Techdays was a success note because it showed exactly what happens when Microsoft brings the Community in to help.   The passion of the presenters showed, the Experts were ready to dive out and engage the crowd, never was such an intermixing of minds seen.

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Not only did it cover deep dive information for Development and Infrastructure, but it was a chance to get hands on with some of the newest types of technology and those involved in it's creation.  


The list of those involved was long from various sponsors including, Ford, Dell, Microsoft and various Community Members.  Techdays Toronto personified the culmination of Technology and Community. It brought forth not just a chance to learn more, but to meet more people and possibly to learn a little about ourselves.  It helped each and every one of us, who've been there in the field, especially those lone warriors fighting the good fight, sometimes un-thanked.   It brought a sense of "Hey I'm not alone in this!"  At least that's how I felt.

And so I ask that all of you raise a glass of your beverage of choice, and tip a toast to each and every one out there who was involved in Techdays in Toronto (and other Techdays going on RIGHT now!) A Toast to Each of you and to Each other, to the Amazing team at Microsoft Canada and Microsoft Corp which had volunteers fly in from afar.  *YOU* made Techdays happen, *YOU* helped shape it, and *YOU* are why Techdays will be a success.

Cheers to all of you, and see *YOU* next year, at Techdays!


The Energized Tech

Comments (3)

  1. Sean Kearney says:

    It should also be noted, that the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING photography you’re seeing here was provided by Kris Krug for whom Techdays was brought to a new Photographic Nirvana.

  2. rod says:

    When is the content from the Toronto Sessions going up on the website?

    I know a bunch of us would like to review the sessions again.

  3. Rodney Buike says:

    Hi Rod,

    The content should be up in the first week of November.  All the videos are currently in post production and on track to be finished by the end of October!

    Rodney Buike

    IT Pro Advisor

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