Day One – Half Done – TechDays Toronto

Here we are, half way done the first day and things are flying. It’s awesome to see how many people came out to attend TechDays Toronto in order to pick and choose their personalized “a-la-carte” track from the over 40 sessions. As you can see – we’ve got some interesting challenges with capacity planning for certain sessions – so we’ve got monitors outside the rooms to accommodate some overflow.


We actually managed to re-configure the rooms so that instead of a half and half experience of classroom desks and rush seating, we’re going for full rush seating to accommodate the load. Luckily we can re-jig this over lunch.

internet kioskOne of the cool added experience piece that we have up and includes internet kiosks running Windows 7 – so you can both stay in touch with the office and your regular day job while trying out Windows 7 to boot. They are in a couple of spots around the venue and people seem to be using them quite frequently.

I am currently writing this blog post in the Windows 7 Lounge – nice couch setup with HD TV, Windows 7 touch devices and of course an xBox360 configured as a media extender to one of the HP TouchSmart systems. Funnily enough – I am working away on my Dell E4300 laptop writing this blog post while Barnaby Jeans is playing the demo for Forza 3 with Christian Beauclair and Rob Burke watch on.




I’m off – the 5th session is going to be starting soon followed up with FailCamp!



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Comments (2)

  1. Ian Tuck says:

    Hi Rick, I was at TechDays Toronto – it was great!  However, I still have no idea about how I’m to receive my TechNet subscription.  There was nothing in my lunchbox with a login/password, and attempts to login to TechNet with my TechDays Authorization Code have done nothing. Is there something forthcoming?



  2. Rodney Buike says:

    Hi Ian,

    You will receive an email 10 business days after the end of TechDays Toronto with your registration information.


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