Windows 7 – Are You Ready?


Are you ready for Windows 7? It is a common question now that Windows 7 is released to manufacturing.  This 2 hour 4 part session will cover all the key aspects, guidance, tools and resources to help prepare you and company for Windows 7. For anyone looking how to Discover, Explore, Pilot, Deploy or Manage Windows 7, this is the seminar for you.

This session will answer questions like "Why and how to move to Windows 7 from Windows XP?", "What are the differences between the versions of Windows 7?" and focus on the three key pillars of Windows 7 - deployment, security, networking.  From new deployment techniques, application compatibility, to improved security and remote access options this session will get you ready to answer questions about Windows 7. Register today!

Are You Ready for Windows 7?


Winnipeg – Sept. 21

Sept. 21

Calgary – Sept. 22

Sept. 22

Victoria – Oct. 8

Oct. 8

Mississauga – Oct. 13

Oct. 13

Ottawa – Oct. 22

Oct. 22

Edmonton – Oct. 28

Oct. 28

Saskatoon – Oct. 29

Oct. 29

Montreal – Nov. 12

Nov. 12

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  1. David J. Veer says:

    I was at this session last night here in Winnipeg and I must say Stephen L. Rose did a very good job of describing, presenting and showning the features and functionality of Windows 7.

    Very good session! Look forward to something like this for Windows Server 2008 R2 or TechDays 2009.

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