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Windows 7 UltimateYesterday, Rodney’s blog post reminding everyone that the Windows 7 Beta code will start to reboot your computer every two hours if you don’t migrate to the Release Candidate version before July 1 got me thinking about all of the great people I met during the EnergizeIT InstallFests that we held in many cities across the country.  As we travelled the land, we also asked individuals who were interested in deploying Windows 7 in their environment to connect with us and we would enrol them in the IT Pro Momentum program.  Many responded and there are lots of Windows 7 pilots going on across the country.

There are a lot of great stories out there and I want to share with you a couple that I found interesting.  The first one takes place at a school of the arts in the Toronto area.  The school uses computers to teach many artistic disciplines, including games development for the XBox 360, PC, and Zune using XNA among several tools.  When the school was provided with new computer equipment for a lab, they made the decision to install Windows 7 beta because they felt it would perform better under very performance-hungry and graphical workloads then the OS shipped with the computers.  They were right.  The next step for them is to install Windows 7 RC for the summer term.

On the West Coast of Canada, Art Fuller helps friends, family and people in his community with their PC issues.  Many of the people he deals with run Windows XP and most look to Art to provide guidance on what software they should run on their computers.  As their main support vehicle, he needs to be able to reproduce the issue in Windows XP, even though he himself has been running Windows 7 since the first beta.  I asked him about his installation and Windows XP Mode in Windows 7.

There is not much I can really 'discuss' about my installation of Windows 7 and XP Mode. They both are just working as expected. I do not have a real need for the XP Mode in respect to older applications that won't run on W7. My main use for it is to be able to go into XP mode when I get a call from someone that has XP and I need to follow along so I can help them troubleshoot.

I have to admit that it was an approach I had not anticipated but it helps to solve his support issue.

Want to share your Windows 7 story?  Interested in piloting Windows 7 in your organization and getting free email-based tech support and additional resources to help you succeed?  Drop me a line at and I’ll hook you up. 



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