Watch Your Inbox for TechDays Pricing


Last week when John blogged about the fact that TechDays registration was coming soon, I have received a number of emails and phone calls from folks across the country asking “When can I sign up?” and “Where can I get more details about TechDays 2009?”.  I am pleased to say that we have a two part answer for you on this:

On the question on “Where can I find out more about TechDays 2009”, my answer is go to to learn about what the five TechDays 2009 tracks are all about, as well as who some of the speakers are likely to be across the country.  We don’t yet have details on which sessions will be presented in each track – we are working hard on this right now – but we can share with you the track abstracts so that you can get a sense of the kind of sessions you can expect at TechDays 2009.

Regarding “When can I sign up?”, watch your mailbox for a special edition of the TechNet Flash with information on how to sign up at a very special limited time early bird price.  If you are not a TechNet Flash subscriber, you want to sign up here right now to get this information to land in your Inbox.

We are at a very important milestone for TechDays 2009 so when you get the email, tell your friends and colleagues about it.  The place to watch for details about TechDays 2009 is, but we’ll also post updates on this blog as we continue to drive towards Vancouver – our first stop on September 14 & 15, 2009.


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  1. Edward Letendre says:

    I don’t what is wrong but lately when I receive any technet email such as the one about tech days, I cannot view it in my email as I could before.  When ever I used to receive the email, I could click on a link and I would see it in a second window but now all I get is some HTML code displayed and nothing else.  Is there a problem with Internet explorer 8, as I am viewing my mail through my ISP’s webmail program.  What can I do to fix this problem.


  2. Edward Letendre says:

    In the last little while, I have not been able to view the technet flash news letters that I recieve on a regular basis.  Before when I could view the news letter, I used to receive the message as an HTML link that I could open in a second window to view correctly.  But for the last few months, after I updated to Internet Explorer 8, the HTML link does not appear and the news letter does not load correctly.  All I see is a header and nothing else.  I cannot opent the message no matter what I do.  I was hoping that I could view the news letter as before but nothing works.  I have reduced my security settings to minimum and I have allowed images to be viewed, but nothing has changed.  I have also tried compatibility mode, but that did not help at all.  What settings am I missing and what do I need to do to fix this problem.

    Also I am viewing the messages in my ISP ( webmail viewer.

    I also just tried using the thunderbird email client and I could not view the technet flash letter at all, I just get the header and no body or text for the message.  This has been going on for more than three monhts.

    Edward Letendre

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