St-John’s Coffee & Code at “Coffee Matters”

This has been a great day.  We (Rick and I) told a few IT pros in the region about it and they in turn connected with their peers and their customers to spread the word. When we arrived at the coffee shop, Johnny the barista shouted

“Are you the Microsoft guys?? People have been asking about you.”

“How can you tell?” said Rick. (wearing the Windows 7 shirt, with the Windows Mobile jacket, carrying the Windows Vista bag)….

The result was fantastic.  About a dozen of them came in and we talked about Windows 7, deployment scenarios, application compatibility, SharePoint solutions, Exchange, online services, etc…



These personal connections with the communities have been so much fun that we will surely do “coffee & code” events every time we can in in our travels.  Just follow our blog for times and dates.

The community in St-John’s is alive and well!!!  Now, Rick and I have to pack up and head to Memorial University for a User Group Connection event tonight at 6:00pm.  If you’re in the St-John’s area, i hope to see you there.



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  1. Jon Seary says:

    Note the statue of Bill we had put up in honour of your visit.

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