“Security Bulletins for the regular IT guy” Podcast – 04/14/2009

Three guys got together over pints a while ago and talked about how one of the issues facing Technical Professionals today is keeping their systems patched and up to date.  This issue was brought to the forefront at a User Group meeting we were attending (Ottawa Windows Server User Group) where we were holding an “Ask the Microsoft Guy” panel discussion.

Over pints at D’Arcy McGee’s, Pierre Roman, Bruce Cowper and I decided we would try to help solve the issue of information overload regarding patching and put together a timely podcast to go live each “Patch Tuesday”.


  1. Use plain English terms and every day language that any Technical professional can understand – minimize “corporate speak”.

  2. Breakdown each Security Bulletin with summary information first followed by more details as to the impact an IT Pro would face.

  3. Outline mitigation factors in case patches couldn’t be tested or applied in a timely fashion

  4. Keep it top 15 minutes OR LESS. this one is critical – Keep It Simple, repeatable and get out of the IT Pros way to get on with their day.

  5. Have fun!

Well – here is our follow up second attempt. Have a listen directly from the embedded Silverlight player OR subscribe to the specific feed and download it to your iTunes / Zune software. We’re still working out the kinks and flow – please let us know what you think and if it has been useful for you. Mail me directly with comments – rick.claus@microsoft.com

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Disclaimer: This podcast was produced with the best information available to us at the time of recording. Your primary source for all things Security Bulletin related should always be the Microsoft Security Response Center blog.

Bulletins discussed for April 14th, 2009: MS09-009, MS09-010, MS09-011, MS09-012, MS09-013, MS09-014, MS09-015 and MS09-016.

Podcast Participants: Pierre Roman (IT Pro Advisor / previously a Senior Technical Account Manager), Bruce Cowper (Chief Security Advisor) and myself.

PodSafe music from PodSafe Music Network @ http://music.podshow.com. Artist: Derek K Miller, song - “You’re the Big Sky - rock guitar instrumental”

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Comments (2)

  1. Rob says:

    Great quality of the recording!!! Thanks for putting this together for us guys.

  2. Sean Kearney says:

    Excellent!  It now sits proudly on my Zune beside the powerscripting.net podcast 🙂

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