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Project: Elderly (Alzheimer) mental fitness


The Challenge

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My mother have major stroke major, leave her right side of body total unmovable. She needs total care. I see my mom can feels and think except she can't move. Then I wonder how good her consciousness? I asked neurologist how medical/psychology to measure our consciousness . She said no real magic number or chart to define our consciousness, even in if MRI couldn't tell; instead of ask her what is your name, where you are .. etc. The worst moment come, she is not using her brain and getting worst when months. no medicine yet can slow down. mental deteriorate. I felt terrible and knowing my mother can still feel and see. Now, but she just sit slowly sad and wait her brain cell slowly die away.


The Solution

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(1)Neuroplascity and CTI concept, exercise/use it or loss it. (2)Get her brain exercise and find magic number(baseline)! Same concept medical professional to measure our body and and blood pressure in the hospital, they take daily measure and average out. for my mental exercise, it takes 30-40 counts or a week counts, to have Mental Cognitive Index as baseline. These magic number can be used as guideline to measure her mental performance. This mental exercise is focus on memory, attention and spatial vision in our brain, very similar Mini Mental State Exam(MMST in US), I found out later. only difference MMST takes 10-15 mins,The mental exercise take 1 week or 30-40 counts


The Results

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It gives sign of release and encouragement for caregiver when they see actual work can be done for Alzheimer or stroke patient. especially when they see patients sign of consciousness recovery and they can express their owm feeling to doctors on his own without any help. it is a pride and dignity by patient. (1)there is another version as demand for people already have mild Alzheimer, The system will shows family pictures instead. (2)Coming work: use multi-touch web cam to stimulate Alzheimer patient from old memory by touching object and rewire his/her brain. Hope in 3 months, prototype demo ready (3) Will create SharePoint WSS 3.0 version for rehab center and elderly home for management control by nurses or social worker , It is 80% done (4)Rehab center or home rehab, can also be benefit and very cost effective


Other Information

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Hope it leads to another alternative or pre-test for people family have Alzheimer, can regularly use the system to alert abnormal change in his mental state, MRI image smallest area is one mm of brain area which contains thousands of neurons and synapses , and mental state detect those synapses respond, hope the system can detect those change and alert the user. . (this still need more research ..) (2)In addition, our body shrunk by 10%-30% after 65 years old and increase when we getting older? Can we do anything about it. as old saying, we only use 1/10 of our brain daily, 9/10 of the brain just waiting! Could neuroplascity helps, rewire our brain? At present I have 1 user who have brain tumor last year, after operation, his memory significantly loss for first 3 months. then he tried this mental exercise everyday for 2 months, his MCI gain 30%, also from the latest MRI image shows his brain have brighter color than before. Please visit www.neuroplasticitylab.com.


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SQL 2008 express, Silverlight 2, Blend2, WCF, vs 2008 web developer


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