IgniteIT Awards Finalist – B-Line Technical Services


Project: Welaptega Reborn


The Challenge

Describe the situation, challenge or problem you or your team faced.


This client based in Halifax was facing enormous challenges trying to keep their infrastructure system up and running. I found out about their issues when I visit their CEO at his cottage and he couldn't even connected remotely to his own email/shared folders. They had 1 x server (SBS 2003) and 2 x server (win 2003) that were totally unbalanced. The SBS server had almost 1 Terabytes of data on it without having any functional backup. Their hard drives were almost full 95% used. However, another server had only 5% used. They did not have any maintenance contract with any IT firm, only Time & Material. Also, everyone had the domain administrator password handy in case they were having issues.


The Solution

Describe how your solution helped overcome the challenge. Tell us about the innovative ways you used technology to create this solution.

What obstacles or roadblocks were overcome? Is the solution reusable elsewhere? Be specific!

We sat down and presented a full scale solution by running SBS 2008 and Hyper-V combined with OCS technologies. Their servers count went from 3 to 6 physicals and 2 virtuals. We even throw on top DPM and SharePoint solutions for keeping documents in one location and secured. I have also added a Blackberry server with OCS functionality on their desktops/notebooks and on their Blackberries as well. I have also removed the Symantec Anti-Virus that wasn't updated anymore for the total Forefront solution (Servers, Clients, SharePoint, OCS and Exchange).


The Results

What positive impact did your solution have in the workplace, the community, or at home?


Today, the client is pleased with the results; in fact they never had any issues since the system is up and running couple weeks before XMAS 2008. We still have some little bits of configuration to complete before presenting them with a maintenance contract for 3 years. We have been helping them since the installation at no charge.


Other Information

Feel free to let the community know about any interesting or humorous tidbits you feel will add to your submission.


We strongly believed that Microsoft came up with brilliant solutions for the Small and Medium businesses (SBS 2008, OCS, SharePoint v3, Forefront, DPM) and they work perfectly all together.


Products Used

To help the community understand the scope of your project, please select the technologies utilized.


Windows/Web Client


Office Productivity

Unified Communication

Management Platform

Security Systems, Network Infrastructure Systems, SharePoint


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Comments (2)

  1. Henry says:

    So, are you planning on posting all the finalists to the IT Pro blog?

  2. Rodney Buike says:

    Hi Henry,

    We will be posting one of each of the five finalists all week!

    Rodney Buike

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