Free PowerShell Book

Every so often you miss something, perhaps it was all the Energize IT prep the team was heads down in, regardless I woke up this morning with tweets, emails, blog posts in my RSS all about a free PowerShell book.


Free as in beer, not even an email registration!  Just hit the link below and download the 1MB PDF full of great information on PowerShell!

Effective PowerShell: The Free eBook

One of the blog posts was written by Wilbour Craddock, a Canadian transplanted in Ireland, who mentioned the Virtual PowerShell User Group.  This group is run by a Canadian MVP, Marco Shaw, who always manages to get some great guests.  All their meetings are recorded and he is always willing to speak to other user groups through the power of LiveMeeting.

Lastly be sure to check out where you’ll find Marco and many other PowerShell experts.

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