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Peter Piluk is a 15 year veteran Jack of All IT guy from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. He has used every version of Windows since 2.0 and every version of MS-DOS since 2.1 and has been using Vista since its beta days.

Peter has been involved in just about every aspect of IT from custom software development to Web Development, to Network Design and maintenance, to training to general consulting.

Currently, he is a self employed IT worker as well the President of the Waterloo-Wellington IT Pro User Group. He is a single father of a 13 year old girl Emma and a 9 year old boy Damian.

  1. If you could ask Steve Ballmer one question about Microsoft, what would it be? – As Open Source software becomes more prevalent in the offices of today, what changes do you envision Microsoft making to maintain their market share.
  2. What do you think the best software ever written was? – Wow, great question. There have been so many exceptional pieces of software that I have used over my career. If I had to pick one, I would have to say PowerShell. It has got me out of more than a few jams!
  3. If you were the manager of Windows Vista, what would you change? – The system requirements are too high. There are too many computers purchased in the last 24 months that are unable to run Vista. I would have ensured that most computers less than 2 years old would be able to run Vista.
  4. What are the best features/improvements of Windows Vista? – The biggest improvements with Windows Vista are in the area of security. My favorite features of Vista are the UAC, BitLocker and the protected mode of Internet Explorer. My daughter has been using the Windows Movie Maker recently and she thinks that’s the best feature of Vista!
  5. What was the last book you read? – The Watchmen Graphic Novel
  6. What music CD do you recommend? – My favorite band is The Clash and my favorite singer is Johnny Cash. You should check out Joe Strummer and Johnny Cash’s cover version of the Bob Marley tune Redemption Song!
  7. What makes you a great MVP? – I am a great MVP because I am connected in the community and love sharing what I know. If you are connected into the community you do not have to be the smartest or most knowledgeable, you just have to know who to ask.
  8. What is in your computer bag? – My laptop, three notebooks, a 250GB portable hard drive and a copy of Starcraft for those boring server installs.
  9. What is the best thing that has happened since you have become an MVP? – I am a relatively new MVP but the best thing has been the sheer number of quality people I have met since January.
  10. What is your motto? – You only fail when you stop trying.
  11. Who is your hero? – Not sure if I have any, I do have plenty of people who I admire and respect greatly.
  12. What does success mean to you? – Success to me is having the respect of my friends, family, peers and clients.
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  1. Sean Kearney says:

    I just love Peter’s Motto.  That says it all folks.  THAT’s the type of person he genuinely is.  

    Peter thumbs up!

    And if you ever get a chance to meet Peter, be prepared for a big beaming smile every time.

    He’ll brighten your day.


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