East Coast Crew headin’ to Montreal for EnergizeIT

I noticed that Christian over on the Developer blog has posted up that we’re heading out to “la belle province” with EnergizeIT kickin’ it in Montreal next week. From Damir’s TechNet Flash editorial to Rodney’s blog post – you still might have missed some of the finer points of what exactly is taking place.  I’m going to do my best to to follow the K.I.S.S. principle and just say it.

EnergizeIT is a series of activities/events that are going on AROUND a city or region for about a week. We’re targeting different types of people with different interests who all want to see what is possible with the upcoming platform and how to get ready for it. These are all very cool events that are heavily DEMO weighted to SHOW you stuff – minimal architecture slides and marketing information. 

So what type of activities/events are they? (check Rod’s Post for even more detail) Let me list them off:

  • Academic/Student (Monday) – Christian and Pierre are going to John Abbott College on Monday to talk about the IT industry, Job Skills and trends in Software plus Services. Are you a student? Are you interested in having us “stop by” for a chat about the industry, MS or other Technology, trends, job skills – almost anything? I LOVE TALKING WITH STUDENTS! All you have to do is ask us and help setup a time to come in and talk!
  • Infrastructure focused User Group/community event (Tuesday). Get a peek at Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 and how it eases branch office pain and web server deployment. This is a demo heavy show and tell for the platform and what you can do today to get ready for what’s coming down the pipe tomorrow. Oh – it’s also St. Patrick’s day – I am sure we can be convinced to have a pint in a pub someplace after the event – come on along!
  • Faculty Roundtable (Wednesday) – Christian also setup a “faculty roundtable” where professors from colleges and universities are welcome to join us in a deeper conversation around partnering, curriculum, industry trends, resources available to them – really it’s about connection and giving us the opportunity to LISTEN to what they have to say.
  • EnergizeIT main event (Wednesday) – this really is where anything is possible. We’re going to show you the whole platform from the client (Win7) to the cloud (Live and Azure S+S). This event spans all focus roles of infrastructure, developer and IT Manager. Besides the “anything is possible” view – it also is structured so that you can make new personal and professional connections in your local network of resources.
  • Install Fest (Thursday night) – bring your machine, get ready to have some fun. We’ll supply the Windows 7 Bits and facilitate helping you install it on your box or in your virtual machines. We’ll show off some things you may not have seen before about Windows 7 and see what’s possible with the new client. You’ll once again have a great opportunity to make new connections as local resources will be helping out making sure your upgrade or clean install goes as smoothly as possible.

Note: go to www.energizeit.ca and click on the Quebec tab to REGISTER for these events. Some may be maxed out already, but you need to be registered to attend.

As you can see – there is a LOT going on. to top that off – Wanna have a coffee to connect and chat?  Christian has organized at least ONE “Coffee and Code” drop in session in Montreal on Monday from 1 to 4 at  Café dépôt (550 Sherbrooke – map is here). He’ll be there along with Pierre Roman (I can’t make this one) to balance out the tech equation for Devs AND IT Pros. Even outside of this organized drop in session – if you wanted to keep track of us and hook up to talk / chat  - follow us on twitter! My contact details are below, but the energizeIT announcement account is  https://twitter.com/energizeIT for the events and activities OR just search for the hashtag #energizeIT (see results here from the search page).

Have a great weekend – see ya Next Week Montreal!


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