Are you Certifiable?


I first got certified in Windows 2000 sometime in 2002 with my Windows 2000 MCP.  At the time I really didn’t put a lot of thought in certifications but used the vouchers my school gave me to write that exam as well as the A+ and Network+ exams from CompTIA.  I landed a job with a company in Winnipeg and that is where I found that employers valued certifications.  I was lucky to get a good recommendation from a friend who was their current sysadmin and on the promise that I would complete my MCSE on Windows 2000 within the year (this was early January) I was hired.  I made the cert in a few months and then soon upgraded to 2003.  A few months back, while at an internal conference, I upgraded to MCITP: Server Administrator and then a few weeks back finished the upgrade to MCITP: Enterprise Administrator.

Yes I am certifiable, but are you?  Not sure?  Want to have some fun figuring it out?  There is a new online timewaster, err game, called Are You Certifiable where you can take on a number of certification challenges, including playing as Clippy.   The game takes the form of a trivia show, but includes a broad range of technical questions geared towards one of two disciplines: Developer, or IT. Some of the questions appear to be taken straight from the pages of Microsoft Certification, so it looks like a good primer for someone preparing to take a MS Certification exam.  And then there are some random questions just to keep you on your feet!

Check out the game at Enjoy!  And while you are at it, leave a comment with your exam prep tips and share your exam writing tips and experiences!

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