Want an Overview on Windows 7 Management?

image My developer colleague John Bristowe (known affectionately as JohnB in team discussions) passed along this document and download link on our internal discussion list.

I thought it strange that “a dev guy” would find this interesting, but after perusing the 25 pages of Management Overview information on Windows 7 I can see a whole lot of common ground and overall goodness in there.

Disclaimer: this is not deep technical stuff or “how to’s”.. this is a quick read on the differentiators on managing a Windows 7 box over an XP or Vista box.

it’s a starting point for you to understand what is possible and what you might want to dive into when you take a closer look at Windows 7on your own install or lab system.

After reading it during my afternoon Diet Coke break, i thought I’d share some things that jumped out at me as being interesting to both Developers and IT Pros AND something i think I’ll dig deeper into when preparing to create some demo content for EnergizeIT:

  • Custom Troubleshooting packs for End-Users (let’s face it – if they can fix it, it’s one less thing we’d have to fix)

  • Problem steps recorder – ease of reproduction for further troubleshooting (definitely dev & it pro bonus here).

  • group Policy preferences VS enforcement

  • Powershell Remoting

  • AppLocker – keeps “IT Unauthorized” software from showing up on systems, while still allowing flexibility

  • Bitlocker & Bitlocker to go

Are you running with Win7 yet? Spent any time to think about how you’ll be managing it as of yet? comment here or blog / tweet about it using the #CDNWIN7 tag.

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