Pssst! The Canadian IT Manager portal now online!

Wait a second!

Why am I announcing this on the Canadian IT Pro blog? Well – I wanted to bring this resource to your attention as well… and maybe ask you a favor.

What? Why?

We have been talking about Infrastructure Optimization for a while now. We went out last fall to IT Managers (your bosses) with the AlignIT series of events and talked about Infrastructure Optimization – this time in their terms.  In case you forget -  you can use the tools we provide with IO optimization and identify areas in your IT arsenal that could stand to be shored up or improving in order to make your overall life as an IT Professional more proactive instead of reactive.

Besides showing you where you can get more information on Infrastructure Optimization, I thought I would give you the tools to give to your management in order to discover this type of information themselves by announcing to you “the IT Manager Portal now online.”  I thought it would be good to ask YOU to share the news about the portal with your boss and with your team.  One thing that we’re trying to address with the IT Manager Portal is the aggregation of contextually relevant information for IT Managers. Right now, information for IT Managers is rather fragmented across multiple sites and not necessarily easy to locate. Our team hopes that with the creation of this portal, we’ve taken steps to address this. 

So here it is – we’ve launched a portal specifically designed for IT Managers in Canada.


I spent some time perusing the page recently and I wanted to draw your attention to some highlights:

  • Direct contact / email to our team. Damir Bersinic is our point person for IT Manager related activities and resources on our team. He’s put up his info and email address right on the page in case you have any need to talk or make a connection to someone who’s passionate about IT Managers at Microsoft.

  • Links to our most asked for resources from AlignIT – our IO model, evaluation tools and reference information. We’ve got Infrastructure, Application Platform and Business productivity highlighted on the main page with more resources to follow.

  • Hot Topics like Licensing and platform architecture / blueprints for solutions.

  • Beneath the fold resources include links to Podcasts, webcasts, events and training for IT Managers and your staff.

The design of the page is such that we can feed in new and relevant content as we create it or as it’s identified to us as something to share. It is also designed to leverage Social Bookmarking from our TechNet/MSDN community driven Social bookmarking engine.

Check out the site – give Damir or myself your feedback and ping us if you feel there is something we can add to provide more value to the IT Manager Portal. Let us know what you think and what your manager / team thinks of the resource.

I am anxious to see how it evolves over time.


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