IE8 RC1 is Ready to Download!

Download IE8 Beta 2

Hot off the presses, or in this case the IE8 Team Blog, is the announcement that IE8 RC1 has been released and is ready to download!  The IE8 team has focused on three major areas with the work put into IE8, consumers, IT Pros and developers and each has their own set of wants and needs.

To be honest, at times the web scares me.  While I don’t manage a companies network, I am still concerned about security.  I’d say it is my number one concern with anything on the web.  It is why I paid $5 for a PayPal security token, why I use InPrivate Mode to do my online banking and why I am careful with where I surf.  I’ve shared that information with everyone I know and always get a smile when my wife calls me asking what to do when a pop up pops up!

While I can appreciate the tools available to control IE from installation with the IEAK to the management via new group policy options, it is things like the phishing filter, clickjacking prevention and continued support for EV-SSL certificates that I personally care about.  I do love the new UI, am addicted to Accelerators and have even started using Web Slices to monitor eBay auctions, I do so feeling a little safer now!

So start downloading the latest RC1 for IE8 and testing out the new features and surf safe!  And while you are at it, let me know what your concerns are about the web, browsers and security!

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  1. Lewisdarryll says:

    Protection from identity theft and fraud to My life concerning police record, and my credit report. I would like them both  clea.nsed

  2. Superman says:

    Interesting post.  I’ll admit that I originally hail from the "IE is a virus" camp but as my job has me doing everything from changing toner to coding the corporate website I always try out the latest versions of all browsers.  When IE7 was released I started to change my thoughts.  I was happy to see the new security features and while the new interface had me guessing I got used to it.  I even saw some improvments when it came to web standards.  IE8 takes those standards a lot more seriously.

    When the last IE8 beta (2?) was released I gave it a shot and started testing out my website, our business site, intranet and then started using it.  I popped over to the IE blog to read the announcement you linked to and see the improvements.

    While I don’t have any use for Web Slices and that might be because I don’t fully grasp what they are I have grown used to the accelerators.  I didn’t even know what clickjacking was but I am happy to be protected from it 🙂

    I do agree with you that security has improved and while it might not be perfect when issues do arise I remember why IE is still my browser of choice at work.  Patch management is so much easier, the mid month release in December was a snap to deploy with WSUS.  I am not sure how I would do that if I was using FireFox.  Now I use FireFox at home primarily but it is one PC and I mainly use it because of a few extensions.  

  3. Rob Dloing says:


    I’ll admit I like Windows 7 on my Eee, have you tried it?  Also this install won’t work on Windows 7, is it a problem with my Eee or my Windows 7 or my download?

  4. Jim Sloggins says:

    Like Superman I am also from the anti-IE team, until I started working.  While in college I was a huge backer of FF, and even now still am, except at work.  The kicker for me was trying to figure out how to manage the update process for FF.  With IE it was pretty straightforward.  Test the patch on a few machines and then deploy, all done via WSUS.  While I can set FF to update automatically I don’t have the option to hold off on that until my testing is done.  I haven’t tried IE8 yet but after reading all about it I am going to download it and give it a try.

  5. Rodney Buike says:

    @Rob Dloing – This build of IE8 is not targeted at Win7, there will be another relase either through an update or a new Win7 build.  I really don’t know right now but keep an eye out here as I’ll be sure to follow up.

    @Superman, @Jim Sloggins – Interesting comments regarding testing patches.  Never thought of that.

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