In Vancouver week of January 19th – Looking to connect

I wanted to get a quick note out to say that I will be heading out to Vancouver as part the last city of TechDays 2008 Canada. It’s the end of our pilot of events in Canada which were designed based on YOUR FEEDBACK - to give you and your colleagues the technical skills you need to be successful with technologies the industry is talking about. The feature I hear the most positive feedback about over the last 6 cities – We give you the choice in what content you sign up to see across 5 different technical tracks and it’s NOT marketing! 

If you are in Vancouver and the surrounding area and have not signed up to attend yet – you can still register in advance online or on site at 999 Canada Place.


So why is this post called “looking to connect”? Simple really. I want to connect with you if you are in the Vancouver area.

  • Do you want to meet up and have a coffee / pint / bite to eat?
  • Do you want the opportunity for bending the ear of a guy who works at Microsoft? I’d love to have a conversation to listen to what you have to say.
  • What challenges do you have as an IT manager these days?
  • What could our team do to make you and your staff more successful in your roles?
  • Basically anything is game – you choose the topic.

I will promise to make myself as accessible as I can to connect with you while I am in town – I get in around noon Monday and have an early flight on Friday. Call my Cell (613) 795-9216 if you are a telephone person or better yet -  email me directly at – it goes right to my inbox on my Motorola Q9H Windows Mobile 6.1 device and it’s attached to my hip.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

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  1. Jeff25 says:

    Hi Rick,

    Do you any suggestion as to how to best use the two tech-days? For example, do a reading of some topics online and then come to the conference to better absorb the information? Or prepare a laptop with some software installed (e.g. SQL Server 2008) and then bring the laptop to the tech-days and play the samples that the speakers will demo?

    Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver

    Cheers !

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