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Hello Folks,

2 weeks ago I participated in the first MITPro LiveMeeting enabled monthly meeting. I know I’m late reporting back to you, but I’ve been touring the country side with TechDays 2008 ( four cities down, 2 to go…) At that meeting we had a panel discussion on “virtualization”. Well, the discussion was lively, the attendees were participating, and all in all a very good experience.

I had a good discussion with Daniel Nerenberg, the president of MITPro, after the meeting over some pints and I asked him to write down his thoughts so that we could tell you about it in his own words….

Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“What an exciting night! First I want to thank my speakers Pierre, Bill, and Mitch. You guys did a great job, and everyone was excited to see Mitch up on the big screen. This was also a challenging night; we were trying out several different concepts and ideas. The first concept is a round table/ Panel style meeting. The second concept was linking the meeting up with Live Meeting.

The panel meeting format worked great from my perspective. We had 3 very knowledgeable presenters who understood how virtualization was impacting the areas of the business world they worked in.

The Live Meeting aspect presented several unforeseen challenges that delayed the start of our meeting a bit, and I had to tweak the live meeting setting throughout the presentation in order to allow the online participant to get the proper access.

What we learned:

Preparation time: Even though I tested my setup at home setting up the camera and microphone gear onsite required more time that I originally anticipated I would recommend setting up and testing 1 hour before attendees arrive.

Equipment checks:  Make sure to test out equipment over a long period of time. I tested a camera for a minute on LiveMeeting only to find out that it went into a sleep mode every 5 minutes which interrupted the LiveMeeting video feed.

Have Backups and extension cords: We couldn’t use the presentation room’s speaker system; fortunately I brought a set of speakers as backups. And finally bring lots of long connector wires for anything you need to connect. Extensions power cords are also recommended.

Overall I am very happy with our first Roundtable discussion. The MITPro board is reviewing all of the feedback we received and we are looking forward to making the next presentation even better.


So here you go. I know I said that we would try to get the LiveMeeting recording online, but the difficulties of the evening prevented us from accomplishing our goal. Next Time. Let’s think of this meeting as “MITPro Virtual Meeting, Beta 1” it works, just very few issues to iron out….

So, go out there, don’t be afraid to try new things, stretch your thinking and let us know how it goes. …. Like Bruce Wayne’s father said, “Why do we fall? So we can learn how to pick ourselves up.” (I’m such a geek…. )


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