Getting Up To Speed on Deployment

It is an interesting time right now.  Some of you have finished deploying Vista, others are part way through a deployment and others are waiting to see what Windows 7 has to offer before making a decision.  All valid options but while the decision making process is going on there is no reason to sit on your hands.  While the OS might be changing, the deployment tools and techniques won’t be and what a better time to get your hands busy testing out deployment options in your lab!  And where you ask?  How about a three training seminars covering the following…

Optimizing the Windows-Based Desktop - Learn the five best practices that can help you attain the right balance for your desktop infrastructure—empowering employees with the flexibility they need to be productive, while providing IT the needed level of control, manageability, and security. The result can be a lower cost optimized desktop.

Amplify the Impact of Your People with Business Productivity Infrastructure - Your information workers want technologies and tools that fit the way they work. You want flexibility, manageability and control. Discover how the 2007 Microsoft Office system can help you meet both sets of needs - empowering your end-user to deliver business results while increasing your IT flexibility and manageability. Plus, we'll help you determine the ROI of the 2007 Microsoft Office system on your organization.

Your Roadmap for Desktop Deployment – Discover the best practices, tools and support that can help you navigate the road to desktop deployment. Learn how to assess your environment, develop a plan, and implement a deployment project of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Microsoft Office 2007 for your organization.

These sessions are happening at different partner locations across Canada so look for one near you and register!

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  1. Steve Syfuhs says:

    I was looking at some of the content for these presentations under the partner portal.  For those even remotely interested in attending, do it!  Lots of great information.

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