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I was walking my 3 kids to school this morning - it was blowing snow and cold. Somehow the conversation turned to my work and I was explaining to them (6.75 son and twin 4.5 year olds) what it is that I do (connect with ICT Professionals, share stories of their success, help them develop skills etc). I mentioned that one way that I share stories or retell stories is not through sitting down and reading to each and every one in the ICT Community, but through things called Blogs, Podcasts, VideoCasts and MicroBlogging (Twitter). It was rather amusing to "translate" this into terms they understand - I should share that sometime, but I'll save that for another post.

When we were in the schoolyard, their bags in the various lines that represent their classes, they went off to play. I huddled in the corner, out of the wind and since they were off for 10 minutes of freedom before the bell rang, I took a sip of coffee from the travel mug and pulled out my SmartPhone to check out my mail and see what was going on in the twitterverse. It's amazing to see what people can say when they only have 140 characters to say it in.

This one "tweet" from my boss got me thinking...


Not bad for 140 characters, eh? it caught my attention.

As ICT Professionals - what are you / can you do to have a positive impact on your company or customers? This is a good starting point for a conversation... What do you think? Are you worried about projects that have to be cancelled / delayed because of economic concerns or improper/unclear alignment to cost savings or business drivers? Do you have to do more work, because contractors / PS consultants are not being brought in to help bolster the ranks or share their expertise?

what's your strategy to make yourself or your IT department stand out positively with all that is going on?

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  1. Todd Lamothe says:

    Rick, some of things I am doing is trying to automate regular tasks and look at licensing and virtualization to lower my total overall costs.

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